Heart Healthy Foods And Tips

Heart Health

We all know that heart health is important. If true, why do most of us ignore heart health and what our body is saying to us? Our great medical technology shows us that we can help our heart stay healthy and many heart related diseases can be avoided. If so, why do we continue to eat foods that block arteries and increase our chances for heart complications? Could it be medical terminology? Could it be that we’re just not educated enough? Perhaps, some just don’t care. The point, you can’t ignore your heart. We have a great list of heart healthy foods and tips to help you get started. We’re not asking you to change your lifestyle, we only note that you consider what we have to say. In the end, it’s going to benefit you and your heart.

Heart Healthy Foods

The great thing about heart healthy foods is the fact that there’s plenty of them to choose from. Even better, all of these heart healthy foods have special benefits and supports different areas of the heart. When it coms to heart healthy foods, variety is the key. I know a lot of different people try to find that one special heart healthy food to take care of the heart needs. As I said earlier though, these heart healthy foods in this list have special abilities. If you mix in a good variety of heart healthy foods, you’ll be able to provide more benefits to various parts of the heart rather then concentrating on just one area of the heart. Let’s get started.


Almonds have commonly been called one of the healthiest foods in the world. Almonds have several great benefits beyond health heart but we’ll discuss why almonds are great for the heart. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, the same type of health-promoting fats as found in olive oil, which have been associated with reducing the risk of heart disease. Almonds are known to lower LCD cholesterol also. LDL is the form of cholesterol that has been linked to both atherosclerosis and heart disease. Almonds also contain Vitamin E. Almonds also contain magnesium, which benefits your arteries and veins. Almonds may also help keep your blood pressure at a normal level due to potassium found in almonds.


Salmon is also considered to be one of the leading heart healthy foods in the world. Just like almonds, salmon has several great benefits for your heart and health. Salmon is extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 has been known and proven to effectively reduce blood pressure and keep clotting at bay. Studies have proven that just two servings of salmon a week can reduce your risk for a heart attack up to 33 percent. You do want to choose wild salmon over farm grown salmon to ensure you only receive the natural benefits of salmon. Salmon is also known to contain small bioactive protein molecules, known as “bioactive peptides,” which may provide beneficial support for joint cartilage, insulin effectiveness and control of inflammation in the digestive tract. Salmon is also high in vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Black Beans

Black beans are another food that has many benefits to the heart. Black beans are a superb source of the cholesterol-lowering dietary fiber that benefits your cardiovascular health. One cup of black beans will supply nearly three-quarters of your daily value for dietary fiber. Black beans are also contain antioxidants known as anthocyanins that can help protect you from cancer. These antioxidants are also found in cranberries. Black beans are also great for digestive health and colon health. Black beans, just as almonds, contain magnesium which is beneficial to your veins and arteries. Black beans also contain folate and niacin, both beneficial to the heart.


Oatmeal is also considered to be one of the top heart healthy foods in the world. Oatmeal is well documented for being a healthy heart food and so much more. To be honest, even I was surprised when I saw all the health benefits of oats. Oats have been known to lower LCL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol. Studies have also shown that oats can help you keep a healthy blood pressure level. Both low and high blood pressure is bad for the heart, oats are a natural blood pressure stabilizer. Researchers also proved that oats can possibly reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes. Oats have been known to help digestion, the immune system and help with controlling your appetite. It’s worth noting that bland oatmeal is not a favorite among most people. Try adding heart healthy fruits to your oatmeal, such as blueberries.


Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable that has heart benefits and much more. Broccoli contains sulforaphane, which encourages production  of enzymes that protect the blood vessels, and reduces the number of molecules  that cause cell damage.  This is known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Broccoli may also help with damaged blood vessels. Sulforaphane in broccoli may also significantly improve your blood pressure and kidney function as well. Broccoli has been shown to kill cancer stem cells, which may just reduce your risk of cancer. Sulforaphane is the key ingredient that makes it all possible. For those of you that suffer from arthritis, broccoli can even help by protecting your cartilage. Broccoli is also great for your immune system and is rich in healthy nutrients.


Walnuts are another type of nut that is extremely beneficial to your heart health. Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and high quality antioxidants. Antioxidants can protect cells against damage caused by harmful molecules known as “free radicals.” The damage can play a role in heart disease and other health conditions. Walnuts are also great for men and women who suffer from high cholesterol. Walnuts are also great for people losing weight. You can go wrong with walnuts, almonds also as you learned earlier. Both support the heart in a healthy way.

Nuts are very healthy and we should note that there’s several different types you can use. Below, you’ll find more nuts that are very beneficial to your health.

  • Brazil Nuts
  • Cashews
  • Hazelnuts
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Pecans
  • Peanuts
  • Pistachios


Maintaining a healthy heart is important to us all.  I know a lot of people try to concentrate on eating just one heart healthy food. I believe combining all of these heart healthy foods in your diet will have a much bigger impact on your heart health and general well-being. These are just a few of the heart healthy foods out there. There’s plenty more and we’ll continue to add to this list, so be sure to check back.


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Pain Management, Managing Pain And Pain Treatments

Managing Your Pain

Pain management is extremely important to anyone that is suffering from pain or chronic pain. Pain management can refer to a variety of pain management treatments. Before your doctor puts you on pain management, he or she will have to access your pain. At some point and time, you’re going to experience pain. It’s a given that pain is likely in your future. What does pain tell us? Pain tells us that something is wrong. It’s our body’s way of informing that we need to do something. Everyone reacts to pain in different ways so pain management treatments do vary. After your doctor accesses your chronic pain, both of you will be able to determine what type of pain management treatments will benefit you the most.

Variation Types Of Pain

Most pain is often classified as acute pain and chronic pain. Let’s look at the difference between acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is pain that comes suddenly or quickly brought on. Acute pain doesn’t last long, generally a few days to a few weeks. Acute pain is generally brought on by injury, such as tissue or muscle damage.

Acute pain can refer to several different types of injuries. Acute pain could define a broken bone, surgery, burn, migraine, cut or a tooth ache. Acute pain can be minor or it can be extremely severe, such as a broken bone or even labor. Although acute pain can be severe at and around the time of injury,  the pain is expected to decrease and eventually go away.

Chronic pain is pain that can last long periods at a time, from months to years. Chronic pain can be brought on by disease and medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease. Chronic pain can be caused by injury but most chronic pain cases are often associated to the nerves.

Chronic pain can also refer to a variety of different things, most commonly disease and medical conditions. Chronic pain is the type of pain that persist three months or longer. Chronic pain can be caused by injury also, even though the injury may have healed properly. Since chronic pain often refers to nerves, pain signals in your body can last for weeks, months and years. Chronic pain can have many symptoms and cause many issue,  physically, mentally and emotionally.

Pain Management Treatments

There’s several different pain management treatments that can be used to help your pain. As you can see in the list below, you’ll have several different options for pain relief.

  • Acupuncture
  • Behavior Counseling
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Epidural
  • Massage
  • Mind/Body Therapy
  • Nerve Blockers
  • Over-The-Counter Medications (Motrin, Tylenol
  • Pain Medications (Vicodin, Morphine)
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Surgery
  • Physical Therapy


As you can see, there’s a number of different pain management treatments that can be used and the list above is only a few of those. The key element is working with your doctor to find the right form of pain management treatment that will work for you. When I suffered from chronic pain, I did find pain relief but the chronic pain was always present. While a few hours of pain relief was worth it, pain management treatments can be expensive, especially over a long period of time as chronic pain issues usually are.

How Long Does Pain Management Treatments Last?

The length of your pain management treatment can’t be estimated due to many reasons. Everyone reacts differently when it comes to pain management treatments. Some of you may be able to complete your pain management treatments in a few months or a year. Some of you may have to be in a pain management treatment for the rest of your life. It all depends on the type of patient and their condition. Since chronic pain can be associated to dozens of different injuries, medical conditions, injuries and natural cause, there’s no real accurate estimate that I can give you for this question.

The purpose of pain management treatments is to give heal you from your chronic pain and help you relieve your chronic pain. You’ll probably go through multiple pain management treatments to determine what pain management course you will take. The duration of your pain treatment will also depend on test results and how you respond to specific treatments.

Most chronic pain cases can be pointed back to a specific nerve(s) that is causing your pain. In many cases, your doctor will be able to run test, find the cause of your chronic pain and treat it accordingly. Chronic pain occurs when your nerves send pain signals to the brain. You react by feeling the pain. It’s like your nerves are a road. If you have chronic pain, there’s a damaged road along the road somewhere. In order for traffic to return to normal, the damage has to be found, treated and corrected.

In some cases of chronic pain, it’s possible that no apparent issue is found. These are the difficult chronic pain cases that are often hard to treat. Injuries can heal correctly and everything returns to look normal but chronic pain still occurs. Just because a doctor can’t find the cause of your pain doesn’t mean that nothing is wrong, this is far from the truth. If you’ve been to the doctor and you’ve been told that it’s “all in your head,” time to get a new doctor and a second opinion.



Understanding Chronic Back Pain And Chronic Pain Management

What Is Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is a common diagnosis as millions of men and women around the world suffer from chronic back pain. Chronic back pain is back pain that last for 3 months or longer. Chronic back pain can be difficult to predict. Chronic back pain can be extremely painful at times and at others, the pain can be minor. There’s a large difference from patient to patient. Two patients having chronic pain can have similar pain or completely opposite of one another.

Chronic pain in general is when signals of pain remain active in the nervous system for long periods at a time, a length that can last for years. Knowing that chronic pain can last for years, this can take a toll on your health. Dealing with your chronic back pain can be mentally, physically and emotionally daunting for anyone. This is especially true when you’ve reached out for help only to be turned away for solving your chronic back pain.

Chronic Back Pain And Your Emotions

Dealing with chronic back pain can be emotionally demanding. It’s not uncommon for chronic pain sufferers to have issues with depression, anxiety and stress. It’s not unusual for chronic pain patients to feel negative about every aspect of their life. The longer left untreated, the worse these symptoms can get. We know that your chronic back pain can cause the body to produce less natural pain relievers.  You have to remember, chronic back pain effects you mentally and physically. Everyone that suffers from chronic pain can react to it differently.

This is another reason that you have to get treatment for your chronic back pain. Most people don’t realize everything that chronic back pain can cause. It’s much more then the back pain. Some of you may have to go a step further and get help mentally. Your dealing with your nerves here. Your nerves can even make your chronic pain worse. It’s extremely important that you get your chronic pain treated now.

Symptoms Of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can have several different symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of chronic back pain is never ending back pain. To be classified as chronic pain, it has to be pain that last longer then 3 months. If you’ve been experiencing chronic back pain for 3 months or more, you probably have chronic back pain. Your back pain could minor, average or severe. Your chronic pain could be worse in the morning or worse at night. It’s that constant pain that defines your condition as “Chronic.”

A few more symptoms of chronic back pain can be burning, dull, stabbing, shocking and sharp pain. Having chronic back pain, you may even experience multiple symptoms of chronic pain. One day, your pain may be dull. The next day, it could be a shocking back pain that you feel. Chronic back pain sufferers may also experience fatigue, soreness, aching, tightness and stiffness in their back. You may also experience fever, chills and sudden weight loss.

Sources Of Chronic Back Pain

There’s several different things that can be the source of your chronic back pain. Chronic back pain can be caused by disease, injuries or even stress. Any type of injury to your spinal cord, bones, ligaments or nerves can cause chronic back pain. Chronic back pain may be easy to locate while others can be extremely difficult. Injury is the most common cause of chronic back pain. As I always say, it doesn’t take much to injure the back. If you’ve been hurting for months, it’s time to start treating your chronic back pain.

Diseases and medical conditions are another source of chronic back pain. Arthritis, herniated disc, spinal stenosis and sciatica are all sources of chronic back pain. Degenerative Disc Disease, also known as (DDD) is one of the most common diseases that cause chronic back pain. Your disc sit between your vertebrae and cushions the spinal. Your disc act as a shock absorber, allowing your spine to properly move and align. As you age, your back disc shrink and this can cause your bones to rub. Your disc can get into your nerve roots and it can cause serious back pain. This shows you that injury isn’t the only cause of chronic pain.

Chronic Back Pain Treatments

There’s several different treatments when it comes to chronic back pain. Doctors can use a variety of different treatment methods for chronic back pain. For decades and even now, some still feel that chronic back pain is all in your head. I’m here to tell you, this is false and inaccurate. We understand how the nerves can send information to your brain and reflect pain. It’s up to you to choose the right chronic back pain treatment. All I can do is help you understand chronic back pain and how you can find pain relief from your condition. Below, you’ll see some of the more common methods used to treat chronic back pain.

  • Chiropractic
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Exercise
  • Massage
  • Over-The-Counter Medications
  • Pain Medications
  • Physical Therapy
  • Relaxation Techniques


Our Chronic Back Pain Treatment

When I was younger, I suffered from chronic back pain. I dealt with chronic back pain for more then a decade. My pain was the reason I chose to become a doctor an develop the Doctor’s Back Pain Systems. It took years to develop this chronic back pain treatment but it has helped thousands of my patients end their chronic back pain. If you follow my treatment exactly as planned, you can end your chronic back pain also. I host 3 FREE webinars each day and all I ask is for a few moments of your time. I’ll go into detail about chronic back pain and how you can help yourself by ending your back pain. It only takes a few seconds to sign up and it’s free, you have nothing to lose. I’ll see you there.


Using Yoga For Back Pain And Healing

Yoga Relieves Back Pain

If you don’t know by now, I’m a big fan of using Yoga to relieve back pain. Perhaps you don’t know about our back pain treatment or you can purchase our back pain system at this time. I still don’t want you to hurt. Although Yoga isn’t going to completely take your pain away, it can ease your back pain.

The video below is a great 20 minute Yoga session that can help you get started. Not only can Yoga help relieve your back pain, it’s also great for mental and emotional healing. Some people fail to realize the power of Yoga and I use to be one of those person. That was until I began using Yoga myself. I highly recommend Yoga to anyone that can get the Doctor’s Back Pain Systems. I hope you enjoy it, learn it and try it everyday for the next two weeks. When your done, come back and tell me how you feel.

 Using Yoga To Relieve Back Pain

Back Pain

                                        Back Pain

Back PainMore then likely, you’ve come across this article because you’re experiencing back pain. If you don’t have back pain, you’re likely to get it. Studies show that 4 out of 5 people will have back pain at some point in their life. That’s 80 percent. Why does so many men and women get back pain? The back is an amazing work of art and requires several different components to operate correctly. If one of these parts are damaged or injured, it can cause back pain. Back pain can range from swelling and a small throbbing pulse to extreme severe pain. And as you may already know, back pain can control every aspect of your life.

Everyone experiences back pain at different ages, locations and pain levels. You can experience back pain at an early age. You can experience back pain without ever being injured or personally causing damage. You can hurt in the lower back, upper back or on the spine. Your back pain can cause pain in the neck, shoulders, hips and legs. The key question, “why are you experiencing back pain?” Can this back pain be treated? Will you ever be able to end your back pain for good?

If you are experiencing back pain, what level do your rate your pain? We use a pain scale of 0-10, 0 represents no pain at all and 10 represents the worse pain in your life. If your back pain is controlling your life, your pain scale number is going to be quite high. So, what is causing your back pain? The lower back is the most common area where pain is felt. Others have severe pain on their spine while few have upper back pain. Without proper testing, there’s no other way we can properly diagnose your back pain. However, we can help you determine the likely cause of your back pain and what can be done to relieve your back pain.

Back Pain Causes

There’s many things that can cause back pain. If you recently injured your back and never experienced back pain prior, this is the likely cause of your back pain. Although you may feel nothing is wrong, you should seek medical treatment right away. If you’ve been suffering from prolong back pain, your pain can be caused by anything in the back. Your back is made up of vertebrae, disc, muscles, ligaments and nerves. Damage to anyone of these areas can cause back pain, the type of back pain that can cause severe pain.

Back pain can be even linked to stress, anxiety, depression, smoking and sitting. With so many causes of back pain, it’s no wonder that 80 percent of men and women battle back pain. How can we stop the back pain? That’s actually the good news, you do have options to end your back pain.

How To End Back Pain

Is it even possible to end back pain? Yes, your back pain can be healed and your closer to the answer then you think. Let’s talk about the Doctor’s Back Pain Systems. What is DBPS? The Doctor’s Back Pain Systems is a natural pain relief treatment that will completely end your back pain for good. Absolutely, for good! How can we be sure? This natural pain relief treatment has already helped thousands of men and women end their back pain for good. Today, you have that same opportunity available to you.

Our back pain treatment was developed by Dr. Jason Hurst. Dr. Hurst uses a detail guide of specific exercises, stretches and positions that focus on the source of your back pain. No more failed attempts at surgery, physical therapy and acupuncture. No more expensive doctor visits or payments to specialist. Our back pain treatment works. Not only that, your membership includes a variety of great benefits.

Living In Pain

Dr. Jason Hurst share his story with us about living in pain. Dr. Hurst suffered from chronic back pain at an early age. He lived with chronic back pain for more then a decade. Just like most medical conditions, as time passed, his back pain became worse. Dr. Hurst has had every treatment known to man but all of them failed to relieve his back pain. After more then a decade of pain, Jason Hurst chose to become a doctor and began to work on a back pain treatment that could eliminate back pain. After years of studies, trials and test, Dr. Hurst developed the Doctor’s Back Pain System treatment. Today, DBPS has helped thousands of men and women just like you end their back pain for good.

The important thing to remember is the fact that your back pain can be healed naturally. If you follow the outline that Dr. Hurst has provided, you’re going to finally end your back pain. Back pain can leave you in a bad position in life. It can make simple routines hard and difficult. I want you to have your old life back, you know, the life you had without pain. This is that opportunity. All I want you to do is sign up for my webinar and watch my video. I’m going to explain everything in detail. It cost nothing to watch my webinar, I just want you to know everything that’s in the Doctor’s Back Pain Systems. I’ll see you then.

Sciatica Treatment

sciatica treatment

Sciatica Treatment

What is Sciatica?

There’s a number of different sciatica treatments on the market. As a patient, finding the right sciatica treatment can be a tough process. With many years of experience, Dr. Jason Hurst has tried and tested a number of different sciatica treatments. Today, we’ll be discussing all your treatment options. First, let’s talk about Sciatica. Sciatica (pronounced sigh-at-ih-kah) is not a medical diagnosis in and of itself – it’s a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Sciatica is actually a symptom, not a diagnosis. The term literally means that a patient has pain down the leg resulting from compression of the sciatic nerve. The diagnosis sciatica treatmentis what is causing the compression (e.g. a herniated disc). Typically, sciatica affects only one side of your body. Sciatica most commonly occurs when a herniated disc or a bone spur on the spine compresses part of the nerve. This causes inflammation, pain and often some numbness in the affected leg. The pain associated with sciatica can be severe, most cases resolve with just conservative treatments in a few weeks. People who continue to have severe sciatica after six weeks of treatment may be helped by surgery to help relieve the pressure on the nerve.

Sciatica Symptoms

There is a wide range of sciatica symptoms and the type and severity of pain depends on the condition causing the symptoms, as well as the individual patient’s experience of the pain. Pain that radiates from your lower (lumbar) spine to your buttock and down the back of your leg is the hallmark of sciatica. You may feel the discomfort almost anywhere along the nerve pathway, but it’s especially likely to follow a path from your low back to your buttock and the back of your thigh and calf. Sciatica is often characterized by one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Starts in the low back or buttock and radiates down the back of the thigh and typically into the lower leg and/or the foot
  • Constant pain in only one side of the buttock or leg (rarely can occur in both legs)
  • Is usually worse when standing or sitting still, and feels better lying down or walking
  • The pain can vary widely, from a mild ache to a sharp, burning sensation or excruciating discomfort
  • Some people also experience numbness, tingling, burning, searing or muscle weakness in the affected leg or foot

sciatica treatmentHowever, some sciatica symptoms may indicate a potentially serious injury to the sciatic nerve, including:

  • If there is bowel or bladder incontinence (inability to control the bowel or bladder) and/or progressive weakness or loss of sensation in the legs, the condition may be serious and immediate medical attention should be sought.
  • If weakness or numbness is present, the nerve may be damaged and it is important to seek attention from a health care professional. If the nerve is compressed and the pain and symptoms are severe, surgery may be warranted.

Treating Sciatica

If you’re suffering from sciatica, there are treatments that can be used to help you relieve sciatica and treatments that can end your sciatica pain completely. Treating sciatica can be done in many different manners. In total, there’s a few dozen different ways that you can treat sciatica. The key is finding which sciatica treatment will work for you and help relieve your pain. In this article, Dr. Hurst explains a handful of proven sciatica treatments that will help you relieve your sciatica pain. All of the sciatica treatments listed are completely natural. Here a some of the best sciatica treatments that’s designed to help you prevent recurrent injuries. This sciatica treatment also includes exercises to help correct your posture, strengthen the muscles supporting your back and improves your flexibility.

Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems

sciatica treatment

Now, if you’re sure that you have sciatica, the Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems can help you manage sciatica pain and end sciatica pain. This is the natural pain relief treatment that was developed by Dr. Jason Hurst. Sciatica is one of the most common reasons that men and women experience lower back pain. In most cases, pressure is being placed on the sciatica nerve. This can trigger pain in the low back, hips, buttocks and down the back of the legs. This sciatica pain treatment will be able to help you relieve pressure on your sciatica nerve.

If you’re not sure if you have sciatica, this pain relief treatment can still end your back pain. It is possible that the symptoms point to sciatica but are not actually sciatica. If you’ve recently injured your lower back, I recommend that you see a doctor immediately. If you’ve tried all the lower back pain treatments known to man, this low back treatment will help. Be sure to watch the free webinar.

Treating Sciatica With Exercises

Is it possible to treat sciatica with exercise. Absolutely. Although everyone reacts to treatment differently, exercising has been proven to help sciatica pain. In some cases of sciatica, it’s even possible that sciatica can go away on its own. Many people don’t realize the benefits of exercising for sciatica, lower back pain, upper back pain or spine pain.

What kind of exercises are good for sciatica pain? There’s many exercises for sciatica pain. Remember, sciatica pain usually occurs in the lumbar area. The low back pain is caused by pressure on the sciatica nerve. Any type of back exercise that takes pressure off the lower back can help you with your sciatica pain. Any type of decompression exercise can be an effective sciatica treatment. Your lower back supports the entire upper body and this added weight can make sciatica pain severe. Having the ability to take this weight off the lower back can give you relief.

Treating Sciatica With Nubax Trio

sciatica treatment

Over the years, we’ve seen technology come and go. One sciatica treatment that I highly recommend is Nubax Trio. Nubax Trio is a great sciatica treatment that can help you relieve your pain. If you’ve never tried this sciatica treatment before, you’re going to love it. Just as the Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems, Nubax Trio has already helped thousands of men and women end their pain. Nubax Trio is designed to treat sciatica, scoliosis, degeneration of vertebra, rheumatoid arthritis, ruptured discs and much more.

You Don’t Have To Suffer With Sciatica

The important thing to remember, you don’t have to suffer from sciatica. Sciatica pain can be severe but it can also be healed. Both of these sciatica treatments can help you end your pain and both have additional benefits. If you can’t afford to get sciatica relief, you still have exercises that can help you manage your sciatica pain. Massages are another way to help you manage your sciatica pain.

If you have any questions or concerns about sciatica, please be sure to leave us a comment. We’ll be glad to help you with all your sciatica questions. If you’re ready to end your sciatica for good, be sure to sign up for our free webinar or review our sciatica treatments. It only takes a few seconds to sign up for my webinar.

More On Sciatica

How To Know If I Have Sciatica

Sciatica Treatments And Relief

Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief

What Is A Sciatica Nerve

What Is Pain Management?

Pain ManagementWhen it comes to treating pain, there’s several different ways that pain can be treated. Pain Management is known as a department of medicine that helps men and women treat pain and deal with it also. Pain management is all about improving the quality of life for those who suffer from pain.

Pain can be managed in many different forms, such as physical therapy, injections, medication and many more methods. Pain management often involves a team of medical professionals that specialize in pain.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Causes Of Lower Back PainLow Back Pain

We’ve been discussing low back pain this week because lower back pain is one of the most common diagnosis in the world. Nearly 80 percent of you will experience lower back pain at least once in your life. If you’re suffering from low back pain, chances are your low back pain is caused by one of the symptoms in the chart.

Now, your entire spine is made up of vertebrae, ligaments, muscles, disc and nerves. If you have upper back pain, the cause can be listed in the chart. In this article, we’re just referring to low back pain because it’s more common then upper back pain. So if you’re suffer from upper back pain, it can be caused by the issues. The chart refers to the entire spine, both the upper and lower back.

Any damage to these areas of your spine can cause low back pain. It doesn’t take much for the lower back to be injured. If you’re experiencing low back pain, we can help. Our natural back pain treatment can help you end your back pain completely. The Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems has helped thousands of men and women end their lower back pain for good.

If you’re tired of living in pain and you’re ready to end your lower back pain for good, we have the solution. All you have to do is sign up for my free pain relief webinar. It doesn’t cost anything to watch our free pain relief webinar. It only takes a few seconds to sign up. We have three free webinars a day, seven days a week. Take the time to watch our free webinar and learn exactly how to end your low back pain for good.

Low Back Pain


Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief

Sciatica Nerve

The sciatica nerve is the largest nerve in your entire body, also the widest nerve in the body. The sciatica nerve begins in the lower back in the lumbar area of the spine and it travels through the hip, buttocks, back of the leg and then to the foot. If you’re experiencing sciatica nerve pain, you’re going to feel pain in the lower back, hip, buttocks, back leg and the foot. Sciatica nerve pain can cause numbness and tingling in any of these areas.

If the sciatica nerve is being pressured, the pain can be severe. Sciatica nerve pain relief can come in the form of natural treatments such as exercise, stretching and even Yoga. If you’re sciatica nerve pain is severe, it’s possible that you may need more advanced treatments. The sciatica nerve can be tricky to diagnose. Truth be told, sciatica is one of the most used diagnostics but it’s possible that you don’t have sciatica. Proper testing can help you determine if you have sciatica.

Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief

Is it possible to get sciatica nerve pain relief? Absolutely. The great thing about sciatica is the fact that it can be treated. As I mentioned earlier, the sciatica nerve is the largest nerve in your body. Sciatica can cause severe lower back pain, hip pain and leg pain. Most sciatica nerve pain is caused by injury. The lower back constantly supports the upper body. There’s a lot of pressure in your lower back area. Heavy lifting, car accidents or falls are a few of the different ways you can get sciatica.

In most cases, your disc in your back are putting pressure on the sciatica nerve roots. You may have a ruptured disc, herniated disc or pinched sciatica nerve. The great thing about sciatica is that it can be cured. In some cases, sciatica pain can go away on its own. For others, the sciatica nerve can be fixed through natural sciatica treatments. It’s possible that some may need surgery if the sciatica nerve has been damaged.

Our sciatica nerve pain treatment is going to give you immediate sciatica nerve pain relief. This natural sciatica pain treatment has helped many people end their sciatica for good. Our sciatica nerve pain treatment is going to relieve the pressure on your sciatica nerve and help give you immediate sciatica nerve pain relief. All you have to do is scroll to the top of the page and fill out my form. It only takes a second or two. I’m going to show you my webinar for free and I’m going to explain how our sciatica treatment will help you end your pain.

Sciatica Nerve Pain Exercises

Even if you get our sciatica nerve pain treatment, it will still be a few days before you can start using it. I know you’re already in pain and we want to start giving you relief from your sciatica nerve pain. The video below has a few different sciatica nerve pain exercises to start helping you relieve your pain for the time being. You’ll be able to use these sciatica exercises when the pain gets severe. These sciatica exercises will relieve your pain for now.



Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. I hope this article will help you with your sciatica pain for the time being and I hope you chose to get our sciatica pain treatment to end your sciatica nerve pain for good. If you have any questions about your sciatica pain, leave us a comment. We’re here to help.

Sciatica Treatment And Sciatica Relief

What Is Sciatica?

sciatica treatmentsSciatica can cause a variety of different symptoms and pain. Sciatica can cause pain in your lower back, buttocks and legs. Sciatica causes pain, tingling, burning and numbness in the same areas, the lower back and legs. Sciatica is caused and produced by an irritation of the nerve roots that lead to the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is formed by the nerve roots coming out of the spinal cord into the lower back. It goes down through the buttock, then its branches extend down the back of the leg to the ankles and feet. If you’re having lower back pain, pain running down the back of your legs and pain in your feet, you could have Sciatica.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica can be caused by a variety of different things. Sciatica treatment and relief will depend on the cause of your sciatica pain. One of the most common causes of sciatica is ruptured disc or bulging disc. This cause of sciatica is also known as herniated disc. Sciatica can be caused by a ruptured or bulging disc pressing against the nerve roots leading to the sciatica nerve. Sciatica can be a symptom of other medical conditions that you may have. If you’ve had an injury in the past, it’s possible that your sciatica is caused by a pinched nerve, also known as nerve root compression. Spinal stenosis is another cause of sciatica. Bone spurs can cause sciatica. Bone spurs are commonly brought on by arthritis. Spinal stenosis is when your spine narrows. Anyone of these can cause sciatica and cause your pain. Sciatica pain usually starts in your lower back and runs down the back of your legs, the into the feet.

As you can see, sciatica can be caused by many things. This is why I and all doctors highly recommend going to a doctor anytime you feel pain. Remember, pain is your body telling you that something isn’t right. Pain is not a normal feeling, something is wrong. Sciatica or not, if you have pain in the lower back, triggering pain into the legs, you need to talk to a doctor.

Sciatica Treatment And Sciatica Relief

Sciatica Pain SymptomsSciatica treatments can vary from one case to another. Our main focus is sciatica relief. Sciatica pain can be tricky and you can have all the classic signs and it’s possible that you don’t have sciatica. In most cases, sciatica will go away on its own. Although this is true, sciatica pain can be quite severe. One sciatica relief that we have for you is the Doctor’s Pain Relief System. This natural sciatica treatment will help give you sciatica relief. Our sciatica treatment is going to help you end your sciatica for good and prevent sciatica from coming back. You’re going to get immediate sciatica relief because this natural pain relief treatment focuses on the area that causes most sciatica, the nerve roots.

Sciatica treatment can include a variety of different natural treatments that can give you sciatica relief. Since sciatica pain involves the nerve roots and nerves in the spine, any type of movement that compresses the spine can cause you pain. Due to this, spine decompression can give you sciatica relief. Nubax Trio can give you immediate sciatica relief and it’s a natural sciatica treatment. Nubax Trio is a spine decompression treatment that decompresses the spine and will give you instant sciatica relief. Nubax Trio also has a variety of different healthy benefits that you may want to look into.

Natural Sciatica Treatments


Sciatica Nerve Back PainA few natural sciatica treatments that can bring you sciatica relief is ice, heat, avoiding sitting and exercises. You can get sciatica relief by using cold and heat treatments on your lower back. You can try either. If you use heat, let’s try 20 minutes every 2-4 hours. If you use cold, we’ll try 10-15 minutes every 2-3 hours. This sciatica treatment may or may not work, everyone reacts differently. If you are hurting though, heat and cold treatments are worth trying to get sciatica relief.

Although this is not technically a sciatica treatment, you should avoid sitting and standing for long periods at a time. Your sciatica nerve is affected when you sit down. Sitting down can trigger sciatica pain by causing the disc to press against the nerve roots. Standing long periods at a time can also cause you pain. Certain positions can cause more pain while others can give you sciatica relief.

Exercise can give you sciatica relief and of course, it’s a natural sciatica treatment. Since sciatica pain is in the spine and caused by pressure on your nerve roots, any exercise that extends the spine can give you sciatica relief. It’s extremely important to be careful. Exercises are not recommended to anyone that has been injured recently. If you are suffering from symptoms that present as sciatica and you’ve been recently injured, you need to see your doctor. Exercising can cause your pain to get worse and it can lead to worse damage then before.

Sciatica can appear to be easy to diagnose but it’s really tricky. Of course, you want to make sure you see your doctor to get properly treated and tested if you don’t know for sure what is wrong. This information is not used for officially giving you a diagnosis. Now, if you know that you have sciatica, that is a different story. If you do have sciatica and your looking for a sciatica treatment, we can help. We have several back pain treatments for sciatica. We discussed Nubax Trio earlier and the Doctor’s Back Pain Systems. To learn more about these two treatments and more sciatica treatments, just click the button below.

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