What Causes Lower Back Pain?

What Causes Lower Back Pain Causes Of Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain, there could be many different causes to your lower back pain. Back pain is likely to be a part of your life at some point and time. In fact, every 4 out of 5 men and women will experience back pain at some point and time. Due to this, there’s a lot of different people looking for answers to their lower back pain and back pain in general.

When it comes to your back, it’s an amazing piece of machinery. The back serves many different purposes and it takes a lot of different working components to make your back work as it does. Over time and decades of use, the back’s components wear out, damage and get injured. It’s a part of life we’ll all have to deal with at some point or another. This natural progression often leads to back pain and one of the likely causes of your lower back pain.

Degenerative Discs Causes Lower Back Pain

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is degenerative discs. Our lower back takes the bulk of all the pressure that your upper body gives off. All the mechanical stress and pressure is felt in the lower back. Your spine is made up of 30+ bones known as vertebra. Each vertebra is supported and cushioned by cartilage. Over time, this cartilage wears down and your disc can rub against one another, causing extreme pain in your back. This cartilage also shrinks as you become older.  More then likely, this can be the cause of your lower back pain. The great thing to note about this type of lower back pain, it can be relieved and even cured. We’ll discuss this later in the article.

Herniated Disc Cause Lower Back Pain

Herniated disc are a very common cause of lower back pain. Herniated disc are commonly found in the lumbar spine, which is the lower back. You can also get herniated disc in the upper back and neck. If you have a herniated disc in the lower back, it can be quite painful. Lower back herniated disc can be caused by old age and natural wear. Again, just as we discussed above with degenerative disc, the cartilage between your vertebra can shrink or wear.  When a disc is damaged though, it can bulge or break open. This is what is known as a herniated disc. Again, this is a common occurrence in the lumbar, another likely cause of lower back pain.

Sciatica Causes Lower Back Pain And Leg Pain

Herniated disc can break and bulge, this will cause you lower back pain. However, when your disc break and bulge, it can also pressure on your nerves. This can cause extreme lower back pain. This type of injury can cause pain in your hips, buttocks and legs. If you’re feeling jolts of what appears to be electricity, this is likely a herniated disc pressuring a nerve. When your disc pressure your nerve roots, this is often known as Sciatica. It is possible to have herniated disc with little or no pain. For most, you’re going to feel pain and the most common area for this is the lower back.


Spondylolisthesis is a term that we don’t hear about a lot but it is a medical term and can cause lower back pain. So, what is spondylolisthesis? Spondylolisthesis refers to the vertebrae moving out of regular alignment. You have 30+ vertebrae in your back. The spine is help in position by ligaments and muscles. Over time, your back muscles and ligaments wear down. It’s just the normal process of aging. Your vertebrae can actually slide and move on top of the next vertebrae in your lower back. This process can cause severe lower back pain. When spondylolisthesis occurs, your vertebrae can begin to press against the spinal nerves. This can cause extreme lower back pain that can reach all the way to the legs.


Scoliosis is another condition that can cause pain in the lower back. Scoliosis is a term that you may have heard of before. Scoliosis is a condition when the spine is actually curving side to side. A normal vertebrae is straight with little curving. Scoliosis can cause the spine to look more like a “S” or even as a “?” shape. With a normal spine, all the elements that make up the spine and support the spine align perfectly. With scoliosis, this is not possible. Any of the components of the back can be misaligned and cause the person extreme pain. Thanks to medical technology, scoliosis can be improved and treated.

Genetic Low Back Pain

Is it true that lower back pain can be genetic? Until a few years ago, it was actually unknown if lower back pain could be caused by your genes. Today, we have data that supports the fact that degenerative disc can be caused by our genes. LDD, also known as Lumbar Disc Degeneration could be the cause of your low back pain. Although we don’t know much about genetic affects concerning lower back pain, we do know that in some cases, it was the cause of their pain.

Physical Demand On The Back

If you have a physical job or you do physical work, at some point and time you’re going to experience back pain. 80 percent of men and women will experience in back pain in their life. If you do heavy lifting or straining work, this percentage doubles. I know it can be hard to deal with lower back pain when you’re always pushing your back hours upon hours. The best thing you can do is try your best to use proper lifting techniques. Very few people take the time to use proper lifting techniques but it can save you from lower back pain. When you continuously test your lower back, it’s only a matter of time before you strain a ligament or muscle. Be careful and use proper lifting techniques.

Bad Posture

Bad posture can cause back pain. We’re never taught anything about posture growing up. By the time that it causes your lower back pain, it’s a little to late. At this day and age, we’re all online. For those of you that spend hours online on a desktop or tablet, if you’re reading this it’s likely your hunched over. Am I right? Don’t feel bad, we all do it. You’d be surprised how much back pain bad posture can cause. A few quick treatments can help you break the pain and learning how to properly set up can do wonders for your lower back pain. Bad posture also causes upper back pain, mainly between the shoulder blades.

Sitting For Long Periods At A Time

Sitting for long periods at a time is yet another cause of lower back pain. Who would have thought that sitting causes back pain? This is an easy fix though. You should take breaks in between sitting. I know some of you may set at school or at work. Even if it’s just to stand up for a minute to stretch, you need to do it. Not only does sitting cause lower back pain, it’s also unhealthy. Remember what I’ve said over and over again, the lower back supports your entire body. When you’re sitting, the lower back is still supporting the full upper body. On top of that, you’re probably slouching over. Both can be the cause of your lower back pain. Be sure to take the time to get up, take a walk and stretch. I know this can be hard for some of you but you have to try. I would suggest stretching every two hours at the most. If you can go every hour, this is what I recommend.

Treatments For Lower Back Pain

If you’re are suffering from lower back pain, we have several lower back pain treatments that can end your pain for good. All our lower back pain treatments are natural. No more money for medications, doctor visits, specialist visits or therapy. Our lower back pain treatment works and it will eliminate your lower back pain for good. Be sure to fill out the form on the top right to watch our pain relief webinar. It’s free, only takes a few seconds to sign up. Watch our free webinar and you’re going to learn exactly how to end your pain today.

If your ready to end your lower back pain today, learn why our lower back pain treatment works and is unlike any other treatment on the market.

Best Massages For Knee Pain-Leg Pain-Hip Pain

How To Relieve Knee Pain

One of the most common types of pain that men and women have is knee pain. Every day, thousands of people are looking to learn how to relieve knee pain. Let’s take a look at the knee if you will. What role does our knees play? Our knees play a very important role in movement and support. Our knees bear the weight of our body. Imagine that, nearly your entire body weight is supported by your knees. The hips and ankles anchor that support, but the knees, legs and hip play the roles of support. We have a great video for you today that portrays some of the best massages for knee pain, leg pain and hip pain. First, let’s discuss what causes knee pain and what you can do to end your knee pain today.

It’s very common to experience knee pain because the knees have constant pressure and weight on them. After years and decades of bearing this weight, it’s no wonder they cause you pain. Just like any other mobile joint on our body, the knees experience wear and tear. The same can be said about all your joints in due time. How can you relieve knee pain?

Knee Pain Treatments

One of the best ways to relieve knee pain is through the Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems. This is a natural knee pain treatment that can end your knee pain for good. In total, we have several great pain relief treatments for various locations of the body. Although the knees are well equipped for supporting the body and movement, there’s a lot that can go wrong within the knees to cause pain. The bones of the knee, the femur and the tibia, meet to form a hinge joint. This joint is protected in front by the patella (kneecap). The knee joint is cushioned by articular cartilage that covers the ends of the tibia and femur, as well as the underside of the patella. These areas are strong but can be damaged, which would cause severe knee pain. The lateral meniscus and medial meniscus are pads of cartilage that add extra cushion to the joint, acting as shock absorbers between the bones. When this cartilage is damaged or degenerating, it’s going to cause knee pain.

Ligaments in the knee can be damaged and easily torn, ligaments help to stabilize the knee. The collateral ligaments run along the sides of the knee and limit sideways motion. This is a common ligament that is torn and damaged in sports. The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL, connects the tibia to the femur at the center of the knee. Its function is to limit rotation and forward motion of the tibia. This is another injury to the knee we see a lot. As you can see, there’s a lot of different functions and parts to the knee. Any injury to these areas can cause knee pain. If left untreated, it can cause pain in the legs, hips and back.

Massages For The Knees, Legs And Hips

The video below has some great massages for your knees, legs and hips. Massage can relieve knee pain, leg pain and hip pain. How, it’s important to note, massages do not eliminate pain. Massages are great for relieving pain for the moment but not permanently. Again, this is why we offer various pain relief treatments. All our pain relief treatments are natural and they eliminate pain completely.

If you’ve recently been injured and you’re experiencing severe knee pain, leg pain or hip pain, we suggest that you seek immediate care from your doctor. Even massages can further your injury. If you leave your injury untreated, it can cause worse pain later down the road. It’s not worth taking the chance, trust me. Get to your doctor immediately.

For those of you that suffer from prolong pain, these massages are great for relieving pain. Although it won’t eliminate your pain, it can help you manage your pain until you’re able to get our natural pain treatment or a pain treatment of your choice. Pay close attention to each massage and learn exactly where to apply each massage. Try your best to mirror every massage technique and I promise this is going to help you relieve some pain.



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Best Massages For Back Pain And Neck Pain

Great Massages For Pain In Your Back And Neck

great massages for back pain and neck painIt honestly doesn’t take much to cause pain in your back and neck. One great technique used to relieve back pain and neck pain is massage. Will massages eliminate your pain completely? No, sorry. Even so, they are a great way to relieve pain in your back and neck. We have several great natural pain relief treatments for those of you that want to end your pain for good. You can get your pain relief treatment and until it arrives, you can use these great messages to help relieve your pain for the time being.

Bad Posture Causes Back Pain And Neck Pain

One of the most common causes of back pain is bad posture. Bad posture can cause back pain and neck pain. Your solution to the pain? A great message, one that uses proper technique. In the video below, you’re going to learn a few different massages great for pain relief. Be sure to watch how these massages are performed and followed through. Most of these massages work great to relieve pain and only take a few minutes to give you pain relief.

Plenty Of Electronic Massagers To Help Your Pain

Hopefully you have a spouse, partner, brother, sister, cousin or a friend that won’t mind giving you a massage. If you don’t have anyone to help you out, I would suggest getting an electronic massager of some type. There’s hundreds of them on the market, just make sure you buy a quality massager. If you’ve recently injured your back or neck and you’re having prolong pain, you may want to seek medical treatment. Massages can cause your pain to be worse if you’re injured. For everyone else, these massages are going to be very beneficial as you try to relieve your pain. Just be sure to use proper techniques.

The video below is only a few minutes long but it will give you a great general idea how to use proper technique with each massage to relieve your pain. Again, these massages won’t end your back pain and neck pain forever. Massages are great for getting immediate pain relief though and at this point, that’s the biggest concern.

         Great Massages For Neck And Back Pain 

Using Yoga To Relieve Back Pain

Can Yoga Relieve Back Pain

Yoga can be very beneficial for a number of different reasons, including reliving back pain, neck pain, knee pain, joint pain and chronic pain. Yoga is also used to manage and relieve stress. Since Yoga has so many healthy benefits, we wanted to share a helpful video that can get you started with Yoga and helping your pain. I recommend using Yoga daily. If you feel that you don’t have time for Yoga, I suggest that you make time. We’re all about promoting natural pain treatments here and Yoga certainly falls into that category.

Yoga does help relieve back pain. However, if your injury is due to a recent accident and you’re still experience pain, you should consider being treated by a doctor before doing Yoga or any type of exercise or stretch. There’s several different things that can cause back pain. Your back is made up of ligaments, disc, vertebrae and nerves. Your back is fragile, it doesn’t take much for the back to be injured. The longer you leave your back pain untreated, the worse it will get.

Now, for everyone else, please take the time to watch this Yoga video, learn how to do Yoga and start applying these Yoga techniques to your everyday life. Always be sure to take Yoga to heart, Yoga is powerful and effective. Enjoy the video.

5 Great Healthy Drinks For Weight Loss

Natural Healthy Drinks For Losing Weight

Five Great Healthy Drinks For Losing WeightIf you need help losing weight, we have a great list of 5 healthy drinks that will get you started losing weight immediately. There’s so many factors that are involved when someone is trying to lose weight. These healthy drinks are great for losing weight but you can’t lose weight with these 5 drinks alone. It takes a balance of eating correctly, portion control and exercise also. If you’re from the baby boomer generation, we have a great article to help you, weight loss tips for 50 and older. To everyone else, all 5 drinks are natural weight loss drinks. Many of them if not all, you’ve heard of before. Remember, it’s the perfect balance of all elements that helps you achieve results when trying to lose weight.

Water Is A Great Source For Losing Weight

Water is still a great healthy source for losing weight and it’s vital to our general health. It’s recommended that we drink 8 cups of water every day. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and this water has more medical benefits then most people know. If you believe it takes a special water to lose weight, it doesn’t. As long as you’re getting 8 cups a day, it doesn’t matter which type of water you drink. Water is consumed and is pushed to key nutritional areas of the body.

If you’re not a regular water drinker or you go prolong periods without drinking water, you’re going to notice some big changes in the way you feel. Soda can’t replace water. Soda is terrible for the body as it’s high in sugars and other chemicals that damage the body. If you experience pain or even dizziness, water can help you feel much better. Don’t underestimate water when it comes to losing weight and general health.

Now, I know some of you are already thing, “water is boring.” Trust me, I know from personal accounts. There’s several great ways to bring water to life. Water is essential for losing weight, so you need to figure out a great way to add some flavor to your water. You may wish to add lime, lemons, banana, strawberry or other fruits to your water. This will give your water some flavor and kick. The most important aspects, get to the point where 8 cups of water is normal. If you’re big on soda, get to the point where water replaces the soda or any other unhealthy drink you may consume.

Vegetable Drinks, Vegetable Soup Is Great For Weight Loss

Vegetable drinks and vegetable soups are great for losing weight. I know we’re discussing 5 natural healthy drinks and vegetable soup is included, but it’s extremely helpful and beneficial to your body. Plus, vegetable soup can be blended into a drink. If you cook vegetable soup long enough, it’s nearly like a drink anyway. Point is, vegetable drinks are a great source for losing weight. Carrots, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans and any other vegetable you wish to add will work. You should watch on your sodium intake though, I would recommend vegetable drinks or soup with low sodium. V8 Juice can work, just make sure you choose the right kind. Some V8 Juice has spices and certain ingredients not focused on weight loss.

Vegetable drinks can help you lose weight, but remember, it can’t do it alone. We’ll discuss this later in the article. Besides losing weight, vegetables have a variety of great benefits that keep us healthy. What about vegetable shakes? You can use vegetable shakes, throw a few tomatoes, carrots or green beans into the blender. Vegetables are very healthy and good for the body.

Fruit Shakes And Fruit Smoothies Help Weight Loss

I believe you’re going to like this one. Fruit shakes and fruit smoothies are very beneficial when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. The great thing about fruits, most of them taste great and they can help you lose weight. You can truly have some fun with fruits and you can create your own healthy drinks. All you need is a good blender and you can create your own fruit shakes, fruit drinks and fruit smoothies. The best part, most fruit drinks and smoothies can be made in 5 minutes!

Do you have a great fruit smoothie recipe? If not, don’t worry, I have you covered. I’ve listed a perfect smoothie recipe to help you start losing weight below. Here’s what you’re going to need.


*One frozen banana, be sure to peel it and cut it into small slices

*One cup of milk, can be replaced with soy milk

*2 cups of fruit, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, add any fruit you wish

*1/2 cup of yogurt, your choice

*Blend until you get a smooth cream


Tea Is Great For Weight Loss And Body Cleanse

Tea is a great drink for losing weight. Teas are also great for getting rid of toxins in the body. There’s several different variations of tea and most of them have healthy benefits, especially using tea to lose weight. Certain teas can shrink fat cells and help you lose weight. The key is knowing which teas are the best for weight loss. Did you know that tea has benefits when it’s drunk at a certain time of day? It’s true. Tea can help give you energy in the morning, If you drink tea around lunch, it can help with reducing stress. During the afternoon, tea is great for reducing fat. At night, tea is a great source for reducing food cravings. Yes, who knew that tea could be so beneficial with weight loss? Now, you know how important tea is and which times to drink it.

Pu-erh Tea is from Eastern China and it’s great for reducing fat in the morning. This is a great weight loss tea for those of you that often eat big in the morning. It’s recommended that you drink 2 cups in the morning. Pu-erh has been scientifically proved to shrink fat tissue in the morning. Most tea don’t have a good taste, I know. However, you’re going to be surprised with Pu-erh tea. Pu-erh tea has a good natural taste and you won’t need to add sugar. Sugar isn’t going to help you lose weight, right? This tea is going to be a big benefit for you in your weight loss journey. Imagine after a few weeks of drinking Pu-erh tea in the morning, you’re going to see results. It’s one of the best teas and tools for weight loss.

Chickweed tea is another great tea that’s going to help you with losing weight. The afternoon has passed and many of us our starting to get that common bloating issue. This is especially true for anyone overweight and trying to lose weight. It’s annoying, uncomfortable and it’s a pain. Well, what about a tea that can be drunk in the afternoon to help with bloating? That’s right, there is a tea that helps afternoon bloating and it’s called Chickweed tea. It helps you lose water and flush your body, it’s recommended that you drink only one cup per afternoon. Again, you need not add sugar to this tea or any of the teas listed. Chickweed tea is going to help with bloating and aiding your weight loss plan.

Bilberry tea is a great tea for reducing night time cravings. This is an area and time that most men and women struggle when trying to lose weight. Bilberry tea is going to be a huge benefit to your weight loss journey. It’s recommended that you drink only one cup of Bilberry tea per evening/night to reduce food cravings. This tea has a much different taste then the others. It’s not as good as Pu-erh tea or Chickweed tea but it’s certainly tolerable. So many people struggle to lose weight because of food cravings, here’s your alternative. It can be found at most local grocery stores.

GrapeFruit Juice And Cranberry Juice For Losing Weight 

Grapefruit juice and Cranberry juice are very beneficial to the body, very healthy and can aide in your weight loss efforts. Both Grapefruit and Cranberry juice act as detox agents that help flush the body. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice is one of the best drinks for your body. Grapefruits contain high amounts of Vitamin C, which helps your  body to detoxify naturally. We recommend that you drink one cup a day. The point is to take all the bad toxins and fats in your body and have them flushed out of the body. This drink can also help your liver.

Cranberry juice also has several great benefits for losing weight. Cranberry juice can help you get rid of fat deposits stored in your body. You do want to make sure it’s 100 percent cranberry juice without any additional additives. We recommend that you drink this with water, one cup of cranberry juice a day. Cranberries are great for a healthy immune system as well as urinary health. As for your cranberry drink, just make sure it’s drunk with water.

Losing Weight And Getting Healthy

These weight loss drinks alone will help you lose weight but you still need to eat healthy and exercise. It’s the perfect combination of all aspects of weight loss that bring results. The combination of healthy drinks, healthy foods, portion control and exercise is what is needed to lose weight and remain healthy. The balance of them all will lead you to a successful weight loss journey.

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Great Exercises For Back Pain

Back Pain Exercises


images (22)There’s a variety of great exercises to help strengthen your back and help relieve back pain. These back pain exercises can help you develop and strengthen muscles in your back. Before we get to your back exercises, it’s important to remember to always stretch before you start back exercises. I recommend a good 30 minutes of stretching at first and 20 minutes of stretches after the first two weeks. Stretching is very important if your not use to exercising and stretching.

There’s a total of 14 back exercises in the video below. I wanted to give you a video of the back exercises so you’re able to see exactly how they need to be done. If you are exercising the back improperly, you can actually do more damage then good. Due to this, using proper techniques is crucial to any exercise. Make sure you listen before every exercise so you can ensure correct posture.

Real quickly, if you’re experiencing back pain from a recent injury, I can’t recommend that you do these back exercises. My best advice, you should see a back pain specialist. Now, if you don’t have a recent back injury but you’re still in pain, these exercises can help you. If you’ve exercised before without any luck, we have several great back pain relief treatments for you to try. All of our pain relief treatments can help you end your pain for good.