Delaying Your Period – What Works Best?




Around every 28 days, give or take, women get prepared for period. For most, this is a stressful and often painful few days. Often known as the “curse” or “Aunt Flo,” periods are a natural process that women have to content with.  Menstrual blood that flows from the uterus through the cervix and vagina is a clear sign that the body is working normally, providing hormones to keep women healthy. As the body adapts to the menstrual period — two to seven days — what are external and physical changes it undergoes?

A woman’s menstrual period prepares her body for pregnancy each month, says the Office of Women’s Health, with the average cycle lasting 28 days. With estrogen levels on the rise, making the lining of the uterus grow and thicken, the body undergoes unique changes that go beyond cramps, pimples, and PMS. Every women reacts differently to their period.

Using Norethisterone

Previously, women could never control when they had their period. Now, there’s medications that are avialable that can make your period go away for a few weeks. If your period comes at a bad time, period delay tablets will give you up to a few weeks to take care of what is needed, without the stress and pain of your period. The medication is known as norethisterone. According to studies, Norethisterone is safe and effective. However, you do need a doctor to prescribe this medication. With this medication, you can delay your period for up to 17 days. You begin taking it 3 days before your period.

What about Exercise?

Some women have reported that exercise has helped them delay their period. From what we’ve been told, if you exercise regularly, it can help you delay your period. However, we know it doesn’t work for everyone. We can throw weight loss in the mix here as well.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are another option you have for delaying your period. If you are already on birth control pills, all you have to do is change the way you take them. For example, if you are using the most common pills that come with a period of placebo pills, skip the placebo and dive in straight into the active pills. However if you are on monophasic 21-day pill and take them for 21 days followed by a 7-day break, skip the 7-day break and immediately go into your new packet. However make sure to check in with your doctor beforehand.

Drink a LOT of Water

Yes, drinking a lot of water has been known to delay your period. Not only have women reported a delay in their period, drinking a lot of water also helps you lighten your period. Water can help you have shorter periods when they do decide to come.

Reduce Your Stress

Here’s a big one. With all those hormones floating around and off-balance, stress can cause your period to return. If you can reduce the stress, you can delay your period. Easier said than done I know. My best advice, pay attention to your body. You know when your body is preparing for your period. Make sure your calm and stress free a few days prior.

While period delay medication can be counted on, other strategies to delay your period work differently. It all depends on your body, but it never hurts to try. Experiment with these period delay methods and see which work for you.

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