Back Pain-Common Causes Of Back Pain And How To Avoid It

Back Pain-Common Causes Of Back Pain And How To Avoid It

One of the most common diagnosis in the world and here in the United States is back pain. Back pain affects 4 out of every 5 men and women, roughly 80 percent of the population at least once. Many cases of back pain can’t be stopped, accidents and conditions happen. Although this is true, a large percentage of back pain cases can be avoided and I’m going to teach you how in this article. Although it may be too late in your case, this can help you prevent back pain in the future. Learning what causes back pain can help you avoid it in the first place.

One common cause of back pain is heavy physical work. One of the reasons that heavy physical work is one of the leading causes of back pain in the world is due to the fact that there’s a lot of heavy physical jobs around the world. Jobs in construction is one great example of heavy physical work. Granted, some positions are worse then others but any type of job that requires physical work can leave you with many cases of back pain. It doesn’t take much to injure the back, injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons are among some of the most common causes of back pain.

back musclesAnother common cause of back pain is heavy pushing and pulling. Just like jobs with heavy physical work, jobs with heavy pulling and pushing can lead to back pain as well. Both pushing and pulling can be hard on the back. One wrong step, a quick pull or heavy push can surely leave you with an injured back. There is a number of different things that require us to pull and push. For some of us, we may do this on a daily basis. If you’re not use to heavy physical activities, back injuries are sure to follow if your not careful. Muscular back pain is the most common type of back pain. Muscles and ligaments can easily be torn and cause you pain. The good news if any, for most cases, the pain only last for a few days/weeks.

One great idea for you to avoid this type of back pain is by making avoiding back pain routine in your life. If you have a job that requires heavy lifting, physical labor, you have to make proper lifting techniques routine in your life. Learn how to keep your elbows in and lift with your entire body. When picking up objects on the floor, keep your back straight rather then bending over. You need to bend with your knees, not your back. You have to practice everyday. Just like with anything that we do, practice makes perfect. If you continue to practice proper lifting and lifting with the body, you’ll save yourself a lot of pain in the future.

Bad posture is another preventable cause of back pain. In the new technology age, we’re constantly seeing more cases of back pain caused by back posture. How many of us our guilty for leading over to the computer? Guilty? I know I am. See, we get use to relaxing, especially when we are at home. In the office, we tend to have better posture but we still need help with posture at home and at work. Having a comfortable straight chair is a great start. Breaking old habit may be the biggest obstacle to you. Ever heard of the phrase, “practice what you preach?” If you continue to practice, you’ll become use to catching yourself when you display bad posture.

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Repetitive hard work can also qualify as a cause for back pain. Any repetitive movement or actions with your back day in and day out can easily increase your chances for back pain. Heavy lifting, improper lifting, bending or twisting the wrong way equally increases your chances for injury. With so many leading causes of back pain, what can you do to prevent back pain? Decrease your chances of back pain? Is it even possible? Yes, of course it is possible, general awareness and knowledge can help you prevent back pain.

Knowledge plays a big role in measures that prevent back pain. For example, proper lifting techniques can help you prevent injury. Many people are unaware of proper lifting techniques, such as bending the knees and keeping your elbows against your sides when lifting. Make sure you lift with your legs, not your back. Don’t bend over to lift heavy items, bend your knees and then lift. All of these are safe, proper lifting techniques.

Another way that you can prevent back pain is with regular exercise. There’s a number of different back exercises that can help you with your pain. The key is getting your back and body use to the physical demand of physical work. In addition, back exercises build your back muscles. Your back will become stronger and your back will become more flexible. This can also help you avoid soreness in your muscles as well. Plus, general exercise is always healthy for you. If you can dedicate a few minutes for exercising a day, it can do wonders for your back. Stretching before lifting, pushing or pulling is important also. Before you do any demanding work, be sure to take extra time to stretch.

Stress can also cause back pain, is unhealthy and it has been proven that it can lead to death. One of those common problem areas is the lower back. The lower back is already stressed. The lower back supports the entire weight of the upper body. This is another reason that the lower back is prone to injury. Not only can stress affect the back, it can also affect other areas of your body. You really feel stress in the shoulders and neck. We all face stress and deal with stress in different ways. Relaxation techniques are great. Find what makes you happy. We stress over work, children, money, bills, family and many other things. You can avoid all the medical issues by learning how to control your stress.

I hope you take what you learned today and apply it to your life. Accidents are going to happen. Your going to pull muscles, tear ligaments, it’s a part of life. Most cases of back pain can be avoided by paying attention and using techniques that you’ve learned today and making them a part of your normal every day routine. We have hundreds of articles on back pain, posture, back pain causes and many more topics related to this subject.

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