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“I can’t solve your BACK PAIN in one office visit…

But YOU can fix it at home, by reading this advice…”

Invest as little as 15 minutes a day

and you can possibly be PAIN FREE in as little as 3 days!

(Results will vary based on the severity of your condition.)


Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

My name is Dr. Jason Hurst DC, and I want to be your new doctor. You can come visit me today if you want. I will stay late and make room for you. Finish reading this message right now, then drop me an email, call my office, find my social media page—whatever it takes—and I will fit you in. Get in your car, visit my office, spend 30 minutes MINIMUM to wait because someone before you came late, spend 30 minutes to an hour with me, get treatment, go home, and repeat tomorrow. Get used to this routine because you’re going to need 15-25 visits over the next two months to get better.

Chronic Back Pain Treatment

 If you want to visit me at my office, I can help solve your back pain. But here’s the deal…

You Don’t Need To Pay For Another Doctor’s Office Visit…

You don’t need to visit me at my office. You don’t need to pay for another back pain consultation again. You don’t need to see anyone to have your pain problem fixed.

You don’t need to experience back pain anymore at all because you’re about to learn how to solve it completely on your own.

best back exercises and stretches

Since becoming a doctor, I’ve helped thousands of patients fix their back pain problems. Here’s the thing I noticed. Most of my advice, most of the helpful techniques I use to help people fix their back pain forever…the absolute majority of the advice I give… It all revolves around a common pattern that develops. What’s that pattern?  I’ll get more into detail about that later, but compare it to the alignment being “out” in your car.  If you don’t fix the alignment, then your tires will wear out quicker than normal, and the tire tread will wear unevenly.  You wouldn’t go to the tire shop and only change the tires… you would fix the alignment too so the problem doesn’t happen again to your new set of tires!  You need to look at treating your body similarly to this example.  You must work on the structure and the “alignment” of your body, all the way from your head to your toes.

You see… Back pain management is a learning process—it’s something that I teach patients to do. I can alleviate back pain symptoms during a few office visits. I have the years of medical training and the experience necessary to diagnose and treat your symptoms…

I’m a chiropractor; pain relief is what I do.  I get patients out of pain every day.  But the patients who get the most relief from my treatments are the ones who take my advice after the treatment.  Unfortunately, only a few people ever take my advice.  Most people want someone else to do the work for them.  That’s what I’m here for.  And I’m O.K. with that.  But if you’re different… If you want to actually help FIX your problem, then keep reading.

Want to know the secret behind office visits?

The Secret That Doctors Don’t Want You To Know:

Pain Relief Is About Education and Actions That YOU TAKE…  It’s easy to get rid of your pain… You just need to know the short-cuts.  And guess what… I’m going to tell you what they are!

It’s Not About Office Visits or Medication

Yes, I can fix your back pain if you come into my office… But again… The path to long term lasting relief is the advice I give patients during visits. Most doctor’s don’t want you to know that it is a learning process. They don’t really want you to know that if you visit the office, get advice, and if you implement it… THAT is what ACTUALLY WORKS. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting your family practice doctor, your chiropractor, your physical therapist—or any doctor in general—the most important part of the visit is learning what you can do to live pain free or solve any of your medical problems. Doctors don’t want you to know that it is really about education.

Why not?

Because most of them have no idea what the real SECRETS are that will help eliminate your pain without drugs, injections, or surgery.

Most doctors don’t know what advice works, compared to the advice they are giving that they just read about in a textbook. I’m willing to guess that over 80-90% of all doctors will give you the exact same advice as everyone else. 

Why?  Because they have never actually had back pain themselves, and they have no clue what really works and what is just a waste of time.

If you wanted to lose weight, you wouldn’t hire a personal trainer that is more out of shape than you.  So why would you see a back pain specialist who has never experienced back pain themselves?

Take Control Of Your Back Pain:

No More Office Visits! No More Medication! No More WASTED Money!


If this sounds interesting, then keep reading, because I am about to tell you exactly how you can solve your back pain problems without medication, office visits or wasted money. First, you have to consider the reality of the American Medical System. It’s all backwards. And your perception of it is backwards… It’s not your fault, but I want to help you fix that right this minute.

You probably didn’t know but the United States spends more per capita on health care than any other developed nation in the world—yet we remain last in life expectancy of diseases… such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and kidney disease..

Why is that? It’s because healthcare is a money making machine. Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are getting filthy rich dishing out diagnoses and medications to fix them. Some of the doctors do try to teach patients how to solve things on their own, but most of the time, people don’t want to listen.

Here’s The Ugly Truth…

The U.S. healthcare system has morphed into a nightmare of dysfunctional practices, overblown bureaucracies, soaring out of pocket costs, regulated drug dealing, dangerous experimental surgeries, and doctors that are focused solely on treating symptoms instead of the root cause of illness.


The #1 Healthcare Myth:

“Take 2 of These And Call Me In The Morning.”

Pain medication… That will solve your problems. Right?

It’s dangerous to take pain medication. But you already know this. It can be addictive. Life changing. Tons of side effects. But here’s the thing… a doctor will prescribe it, you will take it, and… if you’re lucky, the pain will go away.

But, pain relief from medication is always temporary.

Yes, the doctor might send you to a physical therapist for a while, but when is the last time that you actually got permanent relief by going to a physical therapist?  Sometimes, they do help alleviate the pain… temporarily!  But then you already know that the pain is going to come back again.  So, are you going to listen to your doctor’s advice? Likely not.  Many times, my patients report that they tried physical therapy for a few visits and then stopped going because it didn’t really feel like it was working.

People don’t listen to the valuable advice that doctors give because there is a pill for every ill.

So instead, you take pain medication and the pain is gone. All better! When it goes away, you don’t bother with the advice that the doctor gave you. You don’t run out and buy the book or the exercise guide that he recommended. You don’t do the exercises. You don’t naturally manage and relieve your pain. Instead you just take the pain pills, until they stop working… or until you die.

The #1 Financial Myth:

Your Insurance Company Wants To Help You


I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this… But your insurance company could care less about you. They are businesses designed to make money, and therefore… they must make profits… Ridiculously HUGE profits!

That’s why CEO’s of the nation’s largest health insurance companies are raking in record salaries right now, earning as much as $90,000 per day:

2013 Salaries of the CEO’s of YOUR insurance companies.

  • Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna: $30.7 million ($90,029 per day)
  • Joseph Swedish, CEO of Wellpoint: $17.0 million ($49,853 per day)
  • Michael Neidorff, CEO of Centene: $14.5 million ($42,560 per day)
  • David Cordani, CEO of Cigna: $13.5 million ($39,589 per day)
  • Stephen Hemsley, CEO of UnitedHealth: $12.1 million ($35,484 per day)
  • Bruce Broussard, CEO of Humana: $8.8 million ($25,807 per day)

How much did you make last year? Was it close to this?

Probably not… Right?

It’s very unfortunate, because as the CEO’s of your insurance companies are making more in one day than most of us make in a year… the rest of us are going bankrupt!

Did you know that over 50% of all bankruptcies in America are linked to medical bills?

According to a study by the American Journal of Medicine, 62.1% of all bankruptcies in 2007 were because of medical reasons… And 3 quarters of them had health insurance…


Don’t forget… that was even before the huge recession! Can you imagine how much higher this number might be today? Isn’t it time that we begin to take care of ourselves, and stop looking to the doctors and the pharmacies for the answers?

Save Yourself While You Still Can

Yes, it can be scary… but I’m here to help you… Because when you get off the health care grid…

  1. You get to save your money… and hopefully avoid a future bankruptcy.
  2. You get to live longer… because you are no longer killing yourself early with dangerous medications.
  3. And you get to experience a life full of health, energy and vitality… like you never imagined possible.

And once you get a taste of how that feels, you’ll never want to go back!

Don’t Buy Into The Pain Management Myths:

Pain Management

Take Control and Fix Your Pain The Easy Way

This is what good doctors try to teach patients: You CAN learn to fix your pain naturally. As a doctor myself, I find that I’m teaching patients everyday how to:

Determine What Is Causing The Pain
Decide How To Approach Pain Without Medication
Correct The Actual Problems Causing Pain
Develop A Strategy To Create Long Term Freedom From Pain


It’s no different than visiting a doctor for high blood pressure or high blood sugar. Yes, they give you medication—but that never solves the problem. It only manages your symptoms. They also tell you to change your diet and show you the specific steps you need to take to solve your medical problems. That’s what you need to do right now.

Realize that fixing back pain isn’t about a one-time office visit fix or getting a pain pill. And It’s definitely not about getting spinal injections or having back surgery… it’s about learning how to correct the problem and taking the proper actions to solve it forever.

Doctor’s Back Pain System™

Back Pain Systems

The Exact Back Pain System That I Teach Patients In My Office




You’re going to learn the same pain management, prevention, and treatment techniques that I use with patients in my office every single day. You have a great chance of becoming totally pain free and it may only take 1-3 days to start seeing results. Here’s how it works:

  • STEP 1: Pain History Analysis – Just like a doctor’s visit. I’m going to teach you how to determine what has caused your pain and what the necessary steps toward pain elimination are. This is the same process that I go through with patients in my office.
  • STEP 2: Discover Your Specific Imbalances – There is a cause for your pain. You’re going to learn to determine what it is and exactly how to fix it. This is just like visiting the doctor’s office. You learn about the problem and how to address it.
  • STEP 3: Correct The Problem – This part is up to you, but you don’t have to do it alone. We will work together to keep you motivated and progressing toward a pain-free life. Invest the time and you too can live without the pain. Take the time to apply the knowledge I share with you. This part involves performing stretches and exercises that are specific to your pain pattern that I help you learn.
  • STEP 4: Pain Prevention is NOT Pain Management – Once the pain goes away, learn how to keep if from ever coming back. Learn to create stability and core strength through guided exercises and stretches. This is nothing like you’ve seen before! And… it’s way simpler than the exercises that a physical therapist puts you through. You get to go at your pace… not his.
  • STEP 5: Continuous MOTIVATION – Every step of the way I will give you the resources you need to stay motivated. The biggest problem with fixing pain problems is that you have to be proactive. You need to take control of the factors in your control that are causing pain. I’m going to make sure you stay motivated on solving the problem.

Those are the basics. Doctor’s Back Pain System™ helps you learn back pain management and prevention techniques that chiropractors teach people to follow during office visits. It’s better than an office visit because you learn the basis for the knowledge, you learn about the diagnostic guidelines I use to determine the cause of pain, and you learn how to prevent pain from ever coming back. No program has ever given away these secrets before. I’m going to help you Crack The Code For Chronic Pain!

Other “Pain Management” Programs Want You to Put a Square Peg in a Round Hole

This is why you see products come and go so quickly.  

Your back pain is different than mine.  Your posture is different than mine…

So why would we both do the same exact things to get rid of our pain, if our pain was caused by 2 totally different situations?


Doctor’s Back Pain System™ is truly unique.

It isn’t a cut and dry, copy and paste solution. All of the other back pain guides and pain relief manuals I’ve seen give you a list of exercises to perform, some brief explanations, and then hang you out to dry. Nothing else I have seen in my experience as chiropractor gives you the knowledge you need to create a custom pain management solution. The problem with “one size fits all” programs is simple: everyone is different. Different people have different pain sources… and different pain sources require unique solutions. Looking at the pictures below, you’ll see that there are various postures that are unique to each and every one of us.



This is NOT a “One Size Fits All” Approach

Now, if you look below at the details of this program, it’s easy to see that it isn’t another useless “one size fits all” back pain management solution.  Within Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems, I have developed my own specific therapy protocol… Cross-Fix Therapy™.

I’ve developed Cross-Fix Therapy™ to be completely different because if you’re doing the wrong stretches and exercises from the other guys programs…who, by the way have no medical experience, then you’ll end up in even more pain than before… and possibly cause permanent injury to yourself… Which may require having back surgery!

Cross Fix Therapy

What sets Cross-Fix Therapy™ apart from the competition?


The human body adapts to anything we do. If you follow the other programs, you may get some relief, but it won’t last very long because the things you do today, won’t work as effectively tomorrow. With my program, you get 3 different phases of guided self-treatment. You progress to the next phase only when you’re ready. And I’ve even included a 90 day calendar that tells you exactly what to do on what day. CROSS-FIX THERAPY IS DESIGNED TO ADAPT WITH YOU AS YOU ARE FEELING BETTER!  

However, the most important component of this entire program is that I’ve incorporated MUSCLE CONFUSION as the single most important ingredient for the fastest relief!  In order to get real pain relief and make sure the pain stays away, you must constantly do different things to confuse the body.  

Most of my patients tell me that they have been doing variations of physical therapy exercises for years.  And most of these patients swear by these exercises, and act as if they already know what to do at home.  The thing that they never think to question about this logic is… If doing things their way is what works, then why are they sitting in my office asking me to help them get rid of their pain?

If you’re ready to admit that you don’t have the answers… If you’re ready to admit that what you’ve been doing just isn’t working anymore, then you are finally in the right place!


This is what you are getting today:

is2sp_arrow12 Online Videos – Learn exactly what you need to know visually. You don’t have to read a guide or interpret exercise and stretching diagrams. See real solutions in action.
is2sp_arrow3 Cross-Fix Pattern Blueprints – These are your back pain relief manuals. You’re going to determine your Cross-Fix pattern based on a specific pain profile that I designed and use one of these 3 blueprints to fix your pain. Most other plans only include a single guide.
is2sp_arrow4 Audio Files – Don’t just read about solutions, hear about them. Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems is a true multi-media program, not just another eBook that’s disorganized and hard to read.
is2sp_arrow30 Minutes of Meditation Coaching (2 Files) – Part of your pain relief plan involves some quiet, stress-relieving meditation. These meditation tracks were designed to tap into your brain’s natural ability to alleviate stress and relax. It’s an added bonus, especially considering that tracks like these sell for $30 by themselves.
is2sp_arrowPersonal Success Journal – Track your progress. Discover how far you have come and take notes on your personal back pain treatment…part of my plan to keep you motivated.
is2sp_arrowOrganization Calendar – I want to make sure you know exactly what to do every day. This calendar guarantees that you stay on track.
is2sp_arrowProgress Checklist – Don’t just feel your progress, watch yourself progress visually.


Usually, you have to buy all of these things separately, from 10 or 20 different sources. Most of the time, you can’t get this kind of expert advice unless you go to your doctor. However, I’ve put everything you need in this one package.


What’s The Cost?

Access to Doctor’s Back Pain System™ — FOR A LIMITED TIME $297.00 and you get LIFETIME updates.  I send you important pain management updates and advice. I’ll tell you what healthcare products are junk, and which ones I personally use and recommend to all of my patients. This is an investment in your pain free future! It’s an investment of $297.00 that you make right now because you don’t want to pay over $1000.00 in deductible and co-pays to get the same information from a doctor later… Unless you like getting stapled handouts of stretches from your doctor that end up under the seat in your car. Most importantly…

It can be less than the cost of a single doctor’s visit and you may never have to see a back pain specialist again.

My 60-Day Guarantee – I Take ALL of the Risk

You can get instant access today without taking any risk. You have 60-days to try it. Think of it like this: You are paying $4.95 per day for 60 days to try it out. That’s what you are paying me to share information that took years of medical training and extensive research to compile. I’m giving you the exact secrets that I use every day to help the patients in my office… and the cost is only $4.95 per day for 60-days. Try it out for that 60-day period. Give up a cup of coffee each day because it will cost you about the same amount of money. If it doesn’t work, let me know and I will give you your money back. I’ll take all of the financial risk—you only have to give up some of your time.  I just ask that you give it 100% effort for those 60 days.




Act Now and Get These SUPER Bonuses… 

Because I want to help you get rid of your pain forever… I’m also going to give you some of my best stuff FOR FREE!… but you have to purchase the program today.


If you order today, you’ll get these limited time bonuses:

  • Functional Exercise Blueprint Learn helpful pain relieving and prevention exercises that you can perform without any expensive gym equipment. This is the blueprint containing the advanced set of exercises that you get to do once you’ve made it through the initial phases of self-treatment… that normally sell for $47.00


  • Functional Exercises Video Learn how to perform the functional exercises correctly—don’t rely only on diagrams in a book. These will take your conditioning to a new level that you never imagined possible. Value $97.00


  • Trigger Point Chart Discover the secret of trigger point pain relief without needing years of training (like me). It will cover the most common trigger points that refer pain to other parts of your body. For many of my patients… working out their trigger points was enough to eliminate their pain for good. Value $47.00


  • FREE eBook Cracking the Code For Chronic Pain™ – This is an eBook that I sell separately online and in my office every day for $47.00. You will learn about…
  1. The 4 Myths of Back Pain Treatment that are told to you by well-meaning physicians that are actually keeping you in pain.
  2. The Top 3 Mistakes that back pain sufferers make that are guaranteed to exacerbate their symptoms… instead of relieving them.
  3. The 3 Primary Factors that cause your spine to become unhealthy… and what you can do right now to reverse the symptoms caused by these factors.
  4. The 2 Incredibly Easy To Perform Stretches that you can do immediately, that will relax your back and just may give you instant relief from your pain.


  • Insider’s Circle Most importantly… you will be enrolled as a member in my insider’s circle where you will receive emails throughout the year in which I will send you fantastic information about health, diet, nutrition, exercise, and the latest pain related products that are out there. This is valued at a $97.00 price point per year.

Now, if you add up every FREE product you are getting, you can see the value of this limited time offer. I’m giving away $335.00 worth of valuable information that took me years to collect!



Take Control of Your Back Pain




Only $297.00

You have the power to do this. You’re want that extra motivation to learn and you are committed to be willing to perform easy, functional exercises on your own. I am going to help you learn the secrets of back pain treatment that will help improve the quality of your life. You’re going to get the value of multiple appointments in my office for less than the cost of a single visit.

Imagine taking control of your own body… Not needing to rely on doctors, medication, or injections! Don’t you want to just be able to do the simple things in life again?



Pay $297.00 NOW



Pay $1297.00 Later…

You see…

You can buy Doctor’s Back Pain System™ now with all of the bonuses included, or you can pay $1000.00 in deductibles and co-pays, and $297.00 to buy it anyway after the wasted visits don’t work.

The real secret to healing is learning how to naturally manage and relieve pain.

Don’t rely on dangerous medication. Don’t rely on office visits. Rely on yourself, what you can learn, and how you can solve your back pain problems and make sure they never come back.

To Your Health,


Dr. Jason Hurst, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

P.S. It doesn’t matter what your back pain problems are (Arthritis, Low Back Pain, Chronic Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, Bulging or Herniated Discs, Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis, Pinched Nerves, Vertebral Pain, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Leg Pain, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Spasms…).

I can help you solve ANY type of back pain!


P.P.S. Remember, the $335.00 worth of super bonuses are only available for a limited time. To get yours, be sure to claim your copy of Doctor’s Back Pain System right away! Remember, you’re getting the ONLY multi-media back pain relief guide that actually works… and the power of my advice.

Welcome to my office…

I’m your new doctor!


Only $297.00

Back Pain Systems



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