Frequently Asked Questions

What is Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems™?

Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems™ is the parent company of…

  • Doctor’s Back Pain System™
  • Doctor’s Neck Pain System™
  • Doctor’s Knee Pain System™
  • Doctor’s Shoulder Pain System™

It is the only system that breaks down the different types of posture that we face today, and gives you the tools necessary to eliminate your pain on your own.  It can help you save thousands of dollars over the years by not having to go to any doctors anymore.  It is the only program that addresses muscle imbalances, joint imbalances, and functional coordination training all in one package.  These are the exact time tested techniques that I use in my practice every day to help people eliminate their pain.


What conditions does Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems™ help?

Our systems are focused on the main joint issues that we face each and every day.  We have different systems for different body parts.  The most common conditions that can be treated with our systems are…

  • Low Back Pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Bulging/Herniated Discs
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
  • Pain Into Legs or Feet
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Pain Between the Shoulders
  • Shoulder Joint Pain
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Pain Into Arms or Hands
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain (Meniscus)
  • Knee Pain (Ligament)
  • Etc…


What do I get with the system?

Included in each of the different programs offered, you will receive a Quick Relief Guide that helps explain exactly how to follow the system.  You will receive a Personal Success Journal so you can identify what problem or condition you have and how to treat it.  There is also a progress checklist in the Journal to help you stay on track while you use the system.  You will receive various Blueprints that are designed to help you follow the system.  Inside these Blueprints are the Self-Tests, Stretches, and Exercises broken down into specific Phases for the best results possible.  The Blueprints are also for you to take with you to work or when you travel so you always have access to the system.  Audio files are included to welcome you and to explain each step along the way. The most important thing included with the programs is the video files.  These files show you step by step exactly what to do to help you eliminate your pain once and for all.

You will receive multiple bonuses in the days and weeks following your purchase as well.  I already know that you may feel overwhelmed at the beginning, and I don’t want you to feel lost.  That is why I let you dive into the program first, and then send you bonuses along the way that will greatly accelerate your pain free life.  The bonuses are a surprise, and they are my way of saying thank you for putting your trust in my systems.


What is the first step to begin?

If you haven’t already… download my free eBook, Cracking The Code For Chronic Pain

Once you realize that you can’t wait any longer, and you need to take back control of your own health outcome, then you need to purchase my products knowing that I am backing them up with a full year guarantee.


How much time does each Self-Treatment take?

It depends on your condition and which Blueprint you need to follow.  Some of the Phases of Self-Treatment last only 20 minutes and others may last 45 minutes.  I promise it will not feel like it is taking long because you will be so ecstatic that you are getting out of pain that the time will fly by!


How does Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems™ work?

Each system is broken down into 3 different Phases for ease of use.  Everyone has different pain thresholds, different levels of physical ability, different levels of learning, and different patterns of pain.  No other program out there takes these factors into mind.  We are not a “one size fits all” program like the rest that are out there.  (the ones put together by people with no real credentials at all)

You will go through a simple 4 step process.  First, I have you address your health history.  You must be able to identify what got you to this point in your life where pain has taken over.  Second, you will perform a self-assessment, much more thorough than anything seen before.  Third, I have you perform some very easy Self-Tests that help you determine which Phase of treatment you can begin with.  Fourth, you begin your self-treatment with Progress Checklists to help you follow a specific path for the best outcome possible.

I have even included some bonus tips and techniques that I am keeping secret, because I know there are others out there who will try to copy my system.


What are your qualifications to treat chronic pain?

I am a practicing Chiropractic Physician, licensed in Virginia.  I have been a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  I have treated thousands of patients in my office with every possible type of musculo-skeletal injury.  I have treated infants less than a month old, and I have treated patients that were 97 years old.  Over the last few years, I have completely focused on chronic pain cases.  These are the cases that most doctors run away from.  They are the hardest to treat.  They have the poorest outcome, and the patients tend to be the meanest around because they are frustrated from having years of pain and nobody seems to be able to help them.  Because of dealing with this type of patient, I have developed tough skin.  I don’t care what others say about me, and I am confident that I can help you.  You are in pain.  You need someone that will tell you what is wrong and how you can fix it on your own.  You don’t need another friend that will pat you on the back and tell you everything will be o.k.  You need a leader.  You need someone to help guide you out of the mess you are in.  I can be that person.  You just need to be able to trust me.


Is there an order to the exercises that you have to follow?

Absolutely!  Without order there is chaos!  You will feel totally lost if you try to do this on your own.  That is the best part of my systems.  I have completely taken the guess work out for you.  All you have to do if follow the steps laid out for you in the Quick Relief Guide and the Personal Success Journal.  If you have any additional questions, you can email my staff at dbpscft@gmail.com


Once the pain is gone how long does it last?

The results can be permanent!  There are, of course, many variables that affect this.  I treat these systems exactly like I treat the patients in my office.  My initial goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.  Once the pain has diminished, then you can get more aggressive with the self-treatments.  Once we have rebalanced your posture, then your only requirement will be to occasionally go back to the system and repeat some of the portions of it for maintenance.  This will help keep your body in good enough shape that the problem shouldn’t come back.  You got to be realistic.  Anyone that tells you that you don’t have to do anything after the pain goes away is completely lying to you.  If you follow their advice, I guarantee that the pain will come back again.

Let’s say for instance that you hate to exercise.  If that is the case, then you don’t have to do the exercises and stretches forever.  You can just do them when you get a new flare-up of your symptoms.  Just make sure to do them again as soon as the symptoms appear.  If you do them immediately, then you will find that you are out of pain again almost instantly.


Is there a money back Guarantee for the System?

I offer a 100% money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling if you purchase the mail delivered system) within 1 year of purchase.  I do require however, that you keep the system for at least 30 days before you request a refund.  I want you to honestly give this system a chance before you return it.  My reputation is based on results, and I guarantee great results as long as you give this an honest chance to work for you.  If you haven’t seen any results after 30 days and you can honestly say you did everything that I asked of you, I will refund you immediately.  The reason that I want you to keep the system for at least 30 days is because you will be receiving many bonuses along the way.  And one of them may just be the magic sauce that you needed to get you over that pain “hump”.


How do I know I can trust you?

I can’t make you trust me.  However, I am a practicing physician and I have a reputation that I need to uphold.  I can’t treat people poorly and not expect it to come back on me ten-fold.  I am a firm believer in Karma.  What goes around comes around.  If I treat you well, and you treat me well, then we will have a wonderful relationship together.  Besides, I offer a 60 DAY money back guarantee on my products.  If I planned on scamming you, I wouldn’t offer a guarantee of any kind.  I hope this helps to build the trust you need.


How long does it take to get relief?

Some get relief immediately!  For others it may take a few days up to a few weeks.  We all respond differently to every treatment out there.  I have had 30 year old patients that took 2 weeks to see any results and I have had 90 year old patients that got relief within minutes of beginning the stretches.  It does not matter if you just injured yourself yesterday, or if your condition is 50+ years old.  You too can receive tremendous health benefits from using my systems.


You recommend many products.  Do I have to purchase all of them to get out of pain?

Absolutely not!  Every day in my practice, I have patients that ask me which mattress I recommend, do I recommend inversion therapy, what supplements I take, how did I become so positive, etc.

So I started collecting a list of products that I recommended to my patients and now I am offering this short list to you.  You don’t even have to do the research.  I have either tried all of these products myself, or I have gotten great reviews from my patients who have tried these products themselves.  Pick and choose what you feel you need that will give you that extra boost.  Some of my customers never purchased a single product that I recommended, and other customers have purchased over 10 items and love every one.


What other exercises can I do while using Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems™?

For the first 2 weeks, I recommend doing nothing else.  No matter what kind of training you are used to.

If you don’t intend on listening to my suggestions at all, then walking, water aerobics, swimming, and even balance and coordination training may be performed in moderation.

Make sure to first perform the Self-Tests that I have included in the system you have purchased.  If you can’t pass these simple tests, then don’t even think about doing any other exercises for a while.


Is it still safe for me to do the program if I had surgery?

The techniques that are taught in my systems are completely safe for anyone, even if you have had a previous surgery.  I would however, wait at least 4 months after your surgery before beginning.  That is why the systems are broken into 3 different phases.  We are all at different levels of physical fitness, so we all need a program that takes this into consideration.  Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems™ is just that program for you.  However you must double check with your surgeon.  He/she will be able to tell you if you are ready for this program.


Will Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems™ cause pain?

No… and maybe.  The techniques taught in these systems are designed to make you feel better.  With that being said, I don’t know what your pain tolerance is.  Do you feel pain just by watching other people exercise?  Or are you a Mixed Martial Artist (Cage Fighter).  If you can’t even remember the last day you exercised, then you will likely experience muscle soreness when performing the exercises and stretches for the first 5-7 days.  This soreness is actually a good thing.  It is your body telling you that you are finally getting stronger.  You need to build stability around your spine and other joints in order to make your pain go away.  If you aren’t willing to commit to the exercise now, I guarantee that you will be worse off later in life.


Can I still go to my Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist while I am doing this program?

Yes you can.

I would recommend doing only this system for the first 2 weeks.  If you still feel that you want to continue the other treatments while using this system after 2 weeks that is completely fine.  I just ask for 2 weeks because it is hard to determine what is helping and what is hurting if you do too much at one time.


Do you recommend medication/injections?

Usually not.  However, I am not the one in pain.  If your pain is so bad that you find it hard to get through the day then taking short term mediation or getting an injection may be a helpful solution.  I have seen many patients that were addicted to the medication that was prescribed to them and they are never better now after becoming addicted.  I only ask that you be careful and read the side-effects before taking any medication.

I cannot tell you whether or not to take any medication, however I can tell you what I would do.  If it was me, I would exhaust all other options before taking any medication.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more.


Yours in health,

Dr Jason Hurst, DC

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