Pain Management For Back Pain-Pain Management Techniques For Chronic Pain

Managing Back Pain

Back pain is the most common diagnosed condition in the world. 80 percent of men and women will experience back pain at some point in their life. Due to this, there’s a lot of men and women seeking answers to their back pain. Pain affects us all different, it’s important to note that. One pain treatment may work for one and not the other. It can be tough to treat back pain, find the root cause of the pain. The great news, thanks to medical technology of this age, we now know that pain and chronic pain needs to be treated accordingly. Pain management is very important and it’s our duty to teach you how pain management for your back pain can help.

Managing your back pain, what does it mean? There’s several different types of pain management that can be used to help treat back pain. Pain management courses are usually determined on the cause of your pain. Since pain management is associated to long-term pain, we know that pain management is used for chronic back pain. Pain management wouldn’t be used for acute back pain. Chronic back pain refers to back pain that last 3 months or longer. Since pain management is for long-term pain relief, it is often used in chronic pain cases.

Pain Management For Chronic Back Pain

What type of options do you have in terms of pain management for chronic back pain? Chronic back pain and chronic pain in general has been misunderstood for many years.  We’re just now learning and understanding chronic back pain and how it should be treated. When chronic pain is left untreated, it can interfere with the healing process by affecting the immune system and leading to other unwanted and unhealthy issues. Your chronic back pain can interfere with your every day life. You probably already know how hard it is to exercise or perform physical activities with back pain. For some of you, it can be near impossible. This is why it is crucial that you begin seeking chronic back pain treatment to reverse the affects and get started on relieving your chronic back pain.

Pain management, also known as pain medicine, draws on many disciplines in science and the healing arts to systematically study pain, its prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, as well as the rehabilitation of painful disorders. These techniques and pain management can help you find the source of your back pain, help determine the specific treatment for your chronic back pain and help you determine if surgery will be needed. Pain management uses a wide range of different techniques to address your pain and painful disorders, targeting the source of your chronic back pain.

Pain Management Techniques

Pain management techniques are usually classified under a group or grouping. These pain management groups are known as;

  • Noninvasive Pain Management Techniques

Noninvasive Pain Management Techniques

Noninvasive pain management techniques can be used to treat and relieve your chronic back pain. There is a large variety of noninvasive, non-drug pain management techniques available for treating back pain. A few of the most common and most used noninvasive pain management techniques can include any of the following;

  • Back Exercises  Back exercises are a very common in the use of pain management techniques. The whole ideal is to strengthen the back. Since most men and women suffer from lower back pain, most exercises point to the lower back. Not to worry, if you suffer from upper back pain, you can find beneficial back exercises. Back exercises also help your back stay mobile and flexible.
  • Electrotherapy  This is known by a variety of different forms and names. Shock therapy, electric stimulation. The most common electrotherapy is TENS therapy. TENS therapy can reduce back pain through the means of a low-voltage electric stimulation that interacts with the sensory nervous system. Over the years, we’ve seen great results from this, others not so much. Still, it is an option you should be aware of.
  • Heat/Cold  Heat and cold are often used for any type of injury or pain. Heat and cold treatments are often used to relieve your chronic back pain. Just like all pain management techniques, this may help some and not others. The type and duration on the skin depends on the type of injury or condition you have. You can mix heat and cold, or just use one or the other.
  • Behavioral Techniques  Behavior methods have been used for decades. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, we now know a lot about behavior health, also known as Cognitive therapy.  Cognitive therapy involves teaching the patient to alleviate back pain by means of relaxation techniques, coping techniques and other methods. Again, we’ve seen both positive and negative results with this pain management technique.

Noninvasive Pharmacologic Pain Management

Noninvasive pharmacologic pain management is another pain management technique that can be used to treat chronic pain. Medications are nearly always used for cases of back pain. Anyone of the following medications may be used to treat back pain.

  • Analgesics
  • Antidepressants
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Narcotic Medications
  • Neuromodulating Medications
  • Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Invasive Pain Management Techniques

Invasive techniques in pain management involve injections or placement of devices into the body. A multitude of invasive pain management therapies have been used to back pain and chronic back pain. Injections, also known as blocks, is one of the most common invasive pain management techniques.

Injections provide direct delivery of steroids or anesthetic into joints, ligaments, muscles, or around your nerves. These injections may provide relief from your back pain and can be used to confirm if the injected structure is the source of the pain. Epidural injections can provide temporary relief for upper extremity or lower extremity pain due to sciatica, herniated disc or pinched nerves.

Surgically implanted electrotherapy devices can also be used as a pain management technique. Spinal cord stimulators, also known as SCS, can be used to treat pain in the arms and legs, more so then direct pain in your back. Studies and test are still out on this pain management treatment but positive results have been shown.

Opioid infusion pumps is another invasive pain management technique. These are surgically implanted pumps that deliver opioid agents directly to the spinal cord. These pumps are extremely expensive. The appropriateness and effectiveness of these devices for treating chronic back pain is also controversial, of course with both positive and negative results. None the less, it is another option for pain management.

Doctors Back Pain Systems

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